Why the Entrepreneurial Life is Good for You

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Have you ever seen people in their element (and I mean people being really good at what they do and seemingly in control of their lives and environment) and wonder why you aren’t that way too? Or is there someone you look up to and admire and wish you were like them: wish you had what they have?

I have been there and back then I couldn’t have imagined I would get to the point where I’d be confident in who I am, what I do and where I am going.

If you’ve assumed that being an entrepreneur is only for a select few, then let me break it to ya. It’s not for a select few. It’s simply for those who choose it, think it and eventually become it.

An entrepreneur is someone who basically thinks outside the box. They can look at any situation and see opportunities and possiblities. Being an entrepreneur starts with your desire to become one. Then it follows with you thinking up ways to achieve your desires. It’s not a special gift or talent. It’s a conscious effort and desire to become better than you are and at what you do.

People who have chosen this life would tell you success doesn’t come easy and that’s because they can look back and see how far they’ve come; how much they’ve grown. The moment you set a goal in your heart and mind to add value to people; it doesn’t matter the number of people, you automatically start thinking like an entrepreneur.

How does being an entrepreneur help you, you say? Well for one, it makes you see the circumstances around you different. How? You start to see opportunities in every situation. So that when people are complaining about lack of jobs, or hikes in prices, you’re on a different level. You start seeing the lack as opportunities to help people. You become a beacon of light in the dark.

And people can see that. People around you notice when your mind is on a different wave length from theirs. And those that want to be on that same wave length will gravitate towards you.

Which leads to another benefit of being an entrepreneur. The network and connections you begin to make. People are drawn to those who have something they lack and desire. Just like there are people you are drawn to. They’ll want to associate with you and in doing that, you’ll get to build great relationships. Remember, relationships bring business.

Being an entrepreneur means being free. You first become free mentally before it happens physically. It’s why we find it easy to strive for our goals and reach greater heights. People who are tied down in certain jobs or are afraid to leave a particular place are like that because they haven’t let their minds break the box they have been kept in. They feel trapped and believe that there is nothing else apart from what they have presently. That is a dangerous place to be in. A simple way to overcome this is to connect with people who think outside the box. A popular saying goes, ‘you are the average of the 5 people you move around with’. So change your circle. Get new friends. Surround yourself with people you admire and you’ll soon see the influence they’ll have on you.

Living the entrepreneurial life means you get to be you! You get to learn about yourself and others. You get to experience life in a different way than you did before. You begin to actually live. This is one of the greatest benefits: that you learn more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and develop yourself more.

Are you an entrepreneur? Someone who wants to effect change in your environment? Do you see opportunities where there is lack? Tell your stories. I’d love to hear them.

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